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End the waste. Switch your office to sustainable.

Our premium writing instruments are plastic free & made from recycled aluminum.

They're easily refilled and keep harmful plastic from entering waste streams and our environment.

For those who want to leave a mark,
without leaving a trace



New Arrival
—The Everyday Pen— 


Our Circular Methodology

We make our markers and pens from recycled aluminum, and offset twice the carbon we use, meaning every purchase you make helps pull carbon
from the atmosphere.

Switch reMarkers are designed for life, so you never need to throw them away.

  1. Buy your Marker

  2. Subscribe or purchase-one-off refills when you need them
    (our refills last twice as long as regular markers)

  3. Send the empty refills back to us so we can keep them out of landfill
    by turning them into new products


The average office goes through 20 disposable plastic Dry-erase Markers
per month (and even more pens).
300 million markers are produced each year, at 6 inches long, that's 28 000 miles
of plastic waste annually (the circumference of the earth
is only 24 400 miles).

We believe that a big part of solving the climate crisis will be everyday people
making small changes that add up to a significant difference.

Our Partners
1% for the planet 

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We can't switch planets,
so let's Switch Everything else.

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