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Roses from Trash
Switch was born out of a desire to make work better, for the people doing it, and the planet they’re doing it on.
We want to switch relationships with everyday objects, and in the process raise the expectations you have for them, and for the companies who produce them.
We believe every company has a responsibility for the entire lifecycle of a product, and we believe they’re accountable for ensuring as little as possible winds up back in the earth.

Nic & David have a combined 30 years of experience working with the largest CPG companies in the world. They grew frustrated that more wasn’t being done to combat the negative impact of business as usual, they tried to find solutions to these problems, and none existed...

so they started Switch.

About our products

Switch products are functional and exceptionally well-designed.

More than this they are priced affordably and created in a manner that will keep them out of landfill once they come to the end of their life.

We believe this circular approach to design will change the way our customers relate to every day items, and we want Switch to be a model for how everyone can do better and expect more from the objects in our lives.

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