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Our Circular Methodology

We make our markers and pens from recycled aluminum (which is infinitely recyclable).

  • Switch reMarkers are designed for life, so you never need to throw them away

  • Purchase once-off (or subscribe) for refills when you need them

  • Send the empty refills back to us so we can keep them out of landfill
    by turning them into new products (if that's too much to ask, then you can throw the empty refills away, they are not compostable but this method is still 98% less plastic waste than regular markers)

We offset part of our carbon footprint through our partnership with 1% for the Planet. 
We are not perfect (yet) but do the best we can to minimize our footprint and provide a circular system that reduces waste and is made convenient (progress before perfection).

How to Refill Your Markers

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