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It's time we Switch everything

A few years ago, Nic and I started working on an idea centered on eliminating waste in the workplace. We began with a desk, only to find prototyping furniture in small Brooklyn apartments wasn't really viable. After yet another workshop strewn with plastic markers destined for landfill, we shifted our thinking to the opposite end of the scale, and today, after a lot of new ideas and dead ends, we're finally ready to introduce the world to Switch.

In starting Switch, we had a few things we weren't willing to compromise on: designing objects for re-use, using materials that were easily recycled if an object did reach the end of its life, and making them as close to home as possible. We've managed to do all three, and our initial products are designed to get plastic on a one-way trip to landfill out of your office supply closet forever. Our permanent marker, white board markers and everyday writing pens are all-aluminum (infinitely recyclable), refillable, and made in a women-owned and operated facility here in the USA.

We're now looking for a few brave souls interested in bringing Switch into their workplace (big or small) to help us test, learn and grow. If your company - or someone you know - wants to be more sustainable and reduce waste and its reliance on plastic products then please get in touch. These small everyday objects have an outsized impact on the world around us with as much as 22.5 million tons of plastic markers headed for landfill every year. None of that needs to happen, and we want to be the tools for people with purpose, those who want to leave a mark without leaving a trace.

So please reach out. Share Switch with friends and companies you know are interested in making a change. And let us be a small part of your much larger mission to make the world a better place to work. There's plenty more to do, and as we're fond of saying, we can't switch planets, so let's Switch everything else.


Nic & Dizzy

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